All Umpires should use USA Softball Rules for all games. NVSUA no longer receives league/town rules.

Please see CHEAT SHEET for Umpire Responsibilities and Pre-Game Questions

All Field Directions can be found on Arbiter


At the beginning of the year, you should go into Arbiter and block out those dates that you know you will be unavailable. 

Whenever your availability changes, you need to log into Arbiter and update your availability. This will assist our assigners in assigning you games that you can actually work, rather than games you have to turn back in.

Doing a two-umpire game?  You can see who your partner is going to be by going into Arbiter and clicking on the Game # in the far left column.  The name, email & phone number will be shown.

How to Share Arbiter Assignments Between Groups/Assignors