Host Town Pre-Requisites
    -   Provides a minimum of two(2) skinned fields. All additional fields must be skinned 

    -  Friday night (optional) games must start no later that six(6) p.m.
    -  Every game must have lined first and third base foul lines
    -  Batters box and pitcher’s circle must be also lined for each game
    -  Appropriate water absorbing material is readily available for inclement weather
    -  Host town will provide ground crews
    -  Host town communicates all schedule changes, rain delays, tournament
    -  Host town provides knowledgeable official score keeper/game timer for each game, If not available

       home book is used and plate umpire will time
    -  Host town provides portable bathroom facilities which are serviced at least  once during the

    -  Host town has the option on concessions. Profits are kept by provider
    -  Host town provides all tournament communication

NVSUA Responsibilities
      - NVSUA will provide a point of contact to the host town tournament committee 
      - NVSUA establishes all tournament rules
      - NVSUA will collect tournament entry fees
      - NVSUA will provide 2 umpires per game
     -  NVSUA sets up all schedules and communicates them to host town                                   

        tournament committee distribution to participating  teams
     -  NVSUA POC assists in tournament seeding
     -  NVSUA provides all softballs, trophies and game officials
     -  NVSUA makes game official payments
     -  NVSUA and the host town tournament committee will jointly award trophies
     -  NVSUA Scholarship committee will establish the criteria around a scholarship award to a softball

        player from the host town in the subsequent year.