Henry Warren School, 73 Fruit St
High School, 65 E Union St
Stone Park, 60 Park Rd
Ashland Fish & Game, 3 Ponderosa Rd


High St. Fields (Field #1, Lewis, Lowry), 31 High St


Turbesi Park, 659 Rathbun St
Roosevelt Field, 15 St Paul St
Goulet Field, 200 Lincoln St


Devoll Field, 540 Bolivar St & Pleasant
Fallon Field, 900 Washington St

Behind baseball diamond
Messinger Field, 67 Messinger St

Tilden Field, 7 Tilden Rd

Walsh Field, 100 Reynolds St


Sullivan Memorial, 170 Eastern Ave.

Loewen Field, 90 Whiting Ave.

Churchill Park, 33 Allen Lane

Condon Park, 184 Bussey St.

Sugrue Field, 269 Common St.


Laurel Farm Fields, 145 N Main St, Sherborn MA
D-S High School, 9 Junction St


St. Mary's Field, 70 Carpenter St

Near the Church. Parking is either behind Igo Elementary School or in the far end of the St. Mary's lot

Igo Field, 70 Carpenter St

Field is on right side of lot. Parking behind Igo elementary school.


Butterworth Park, 273 Grant St
Danforth Park, 51 Danforth St

Dunning School (Lower Walsh), 48 Frost St.

Walsh School (Upper Walsh), 301 Brook St.

*** Do not park behind Dunning School
High School, 115 A St
Galvani 1 and 2- 180 Guadalcanal Rd

*** WARNING: Do Not Park in the Massachusetts Emergency Management HQ Area!! You will be towed at a cost of $100 or more.

*** You can park at Fuller/Farley/McCarthy during the season and access the fields by sidewalk. The city has been working with the School Department for access through the old pathway behind the temp construction parking lot. While they can’t direct people to use that since it is not a formal pathway, they can access it for a shorter route, at their own risk.
Hemenway Elementary School, 729 Water St
Juniper Hill Elementary School, 29 Upper Joclyn Ave
Longs, 165 Fountain St
Walsh Middle School, 301 Brook St


Pisani Fields, 80 Peck St
High School, 218 Oak St
Middle School, 224 Oak St
Remington-Jefferson School, 628 Washington St
Keller School, 500 Lincoln St


Damigella Field, 323 Woodland Ave
Stoddard Field, 880 Stoddard Park Dr.
Patoma Field, 381 Norfolk St
Holliston High School, 370 Hollis St


Carrigan Field, 75 Main St
High School, 90 Hayden Rowe St

High School Field #6, 104 Hayden Rowe St.
EMC Park, 117 Hayden Rowe St (McIntyre Field)
Hopkins School Field, 104 Hayden Rowe St


Keenan Field, 1 Tiger Dr.


Baldelli Ball Fields, 85 Sawin St
Ghiloni Park, 180 Concord Rd


Wheelock School, 17 Elm St
Metacomet Field, 86 Pleasant St

High School (Shonda Schilling Field), 24 Pound St

​McCarthy Park - Softball 1 & 2


High School, 88 Summer St
Middle School, 45 Holliston St/3 Kelley St - FIELD 1

Middle School, 45 Holliston St/3 Kelley St - FIELD 2
Center Street Field, 99 Center St
VFW, 123 Holliston St


High School, 31 W Fountain St
Plains Park, 50 Cedar St
Memorial School, 12 Walnut St


Memorial Park, 7 Park S (900 Main St)
Oak Grove Farm, 410 Exchange St


Millville Elementary School, 122 Berthelette Way


Coolidge Field, 38 Lincoln Street Ext
High School, 15 West St
Murphy Fields, 153 N Main St
Memorial School, 107 Eliot St


Avery Field, 339 Webster St, Needham Heights
Claxton Field, 1420 Central Av


Balch Field, 1170 Washington St

Ellis Field, 46 Codman Rd

Jean Brown Field, 380 Nichols St.

Lower Cleveland, 33 George Willett Pkwy


Laurel Farm Fields, 145 N Main St
D-S High School, 9 Junction St, Dover MA


Center School, 403 Great Road, Stow, MA​


Curtis Middle School, 22 Pratts Mill Rd
Feeley Fields, 240 Raymond Rd
Feather Land Park, 491 Concord Rd
Lincoln-Sudbury High School, 390 Lincoln Rd


Chauncey Smith, 600 East St
Bird Middle School, 550 East St
Johnson Middle School, 111 Robbins Rd

Rte 1A - SO. Walpole Community Complex, 2450 Main St.
Stone Field, 135 School St


High School, 264 Old Connecticut Path
Cochituate Ball Fields, 40 W Plain St


​Rodgers Road Field, 4 Rodgers Rd


Varsity Field, 456 Wellesley St

Left side of Weston Middle School

Sugar Shack, 456 Wellesley St

Behind Middle School by Tennis Courts


Thurston MS/Senior Center, 210 Nahatan St
High School, 200 Nahatan St

Roche Bros Field (aka Morrison Field)