About Us

Nobscot Valley Softball Umpires Association, Inc (NVSUA) was formally established in the mid 1960s.  The association is affiliated and governed by the policies and playing rules of the USA Softball  (USA).  NVSUA has three (3) major objectives.  These major objectives are as follows:

- Train men and women to administer USA Softball playing rules in the capacity of umpire to players within towns/leagues that are under the jurisdiction of NVSUA

- Promote a safe and enjoyable environment for all players/towns registered with USA Softball

- Work with coaches and players to increase their knowledge of softball

Since 2005, NVSUA has grown significantly.  

This growth is reflected in both  membership and the number of towns/leagues under the NVSUA jurisdiction. In 2008, NVSUA established a “roaming town scholarship” program.  The “roaming” refers to NVSUA hosting a tournament each year in a selected town that utilizes NVSUA umpires. The NVSUA scholarship committee awards a player a scholarship based on established criteria.

For additional information about NVSUA please visit the contact us section at the NVSUA website WWW.NVSUA.Com